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Sea of Thieves Seasons Explained Ahead of Season One

SEA-sons of Thieves

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Season One for Sea of Thieves hits the high seas on January 28 (tomorrow), and here’s what you need to know.

Rare published a few informative articles to help you navigate these uncharted waters (ok, I’ll stop with the nautical references). In truth, if you’ve played other live services, you’ll be familiar with how the seasonal structure works.

Each sea-son (last one) in Sea of Thieves will run for roughly three months and bring new gameplay features, rewards, and events. You’ll progress through each season by earning Renown which is a new progression system dependent entirely on turning in loot.

You’ll have 100 levels of Renown through 10 tiers of progression of rewards. Of course, there’s a premium battle pass called the Plunder Pass. This pass is optional like virtually all battle passes. The pass will cost 999 Ancient Coins (probably around $10) from the Microsoft Store.

Rewards from this pass include a mix of previously released premium items, in addition to some upcoming Emporium items. The pass will not include items exclusive to the pass which won’t be sold in the Emporium. Rare provides the following reasoning,

“What it won’t include are strictly Plunder Pass-only items never to be sold in the Pirate Emporium, as we don’t want players to feel we’re restricting their choice of how, when and on what they spend their Ancient Coins.”

The seasonal updates will be free for all players.


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