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Sea of Thieves Season Seven is Live, So Time to Use Those Ship Names You Came Up With

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 For those who’ve spent time thinking up their ideal name for when Sea of Thieves’ Season Seven update was live, now’s your chance to get it up on your new ship. The update is indeed now live, bringing the promised features of Captainty, ship naming, a number of improvements and additional player options, and even the ability to keep a consistent ship (which you have decorated and customized, of course).

This update is a huge one, so not only does it begin a new season, you’ll be able to buy and own your own ship for the first time. You will be able to buy one of each ship type, but once you take that ship up to Legendary status, you can buy an additional ship of the same type. 

Ship customization also opens up a whole deep level of making your pirate adventures personal. You can do everything from changing your chair, the walls, to displaying your trophies. With a customization  system, of course there are a ton of new items you can use.

By buying and sailing your ship into adventure, customizing it, and new features like Milestones and Captain's Voyages, you'll be able to play your way, earn new perks, new achievements, and more. Captain’s Voyages let you curate what goals and commissions you’ll take. You’ll know the length and rewards before you accept.

Milestones are the ship’s log, and a journal of actions taken, sharing accomplishments and happenings to both crew and ship. When you earn Milestones during your adventures, they will be grouped into Alignments that reflect your playstyle. If you sail in the name of plunder and treasure, you may find yourself with a Gold Seeker alignment. Once you do have an alignment, you’ll be able to unlock related rewards. Yet, you may need to hold off some, since, according to the patch notes, some aren’t ready and are temporarily disabled until further notice.

There are a number of gameplay changes and improvements, things that reduce waiting time or reduced performance demand to help older systems cope with the new features, 

The update is so big that there’s a whole lot more to discover in the full patch notes over at Sea of Thieves.


Christina Gonzalez

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