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Sea of Thieves Season 4 Brings Siren Treasure, New Curse, and Halloween

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Sea of Thieves will get its next big content update this week on September 23rd. This will open season four and bring some underwater plunder and serious challenges to the table. The deep sea is at the center of this update, and Siren Shrines are worth seeking out. There are six of them, each with different challenges to overcome in order to win their piles of loot. 

Your map will update with where to find these shrines, along with Siren storehouses. Storehouses will be well protected by a surge of underwater enemies to put your pirates to the test in order to claim the big rewards. The map changes will show a big shimmery mark above the sea when you approach a Siren shrine or storehouse, so keep your eyes peeled.

Look for the new Coral Encrusted Message Bottles. Open them and they’ll give you new quests to take on in the depths.

Escaping with your hauls will be another challenge altogether, and if you make it (perhaps with the help of the merfolk above), you’ll be able to exchange coral treasures or the mysterious and rare item called The Breath of the Sea that you get from all of this treasure hunting at trading companies. They’ll be fetching some really good prices for all your hard work, should you want to trade them away. 

There will also be over 100 levels to unlock with the arrival of season 4, new commendations to complete, and even new ships and weapons to collect. The Sunken Sorrow lives up to its name, and you’ll be able to collect the ship parts and matching weapons. If you're up to the task, collecting everything could net you the Coral Curse. The Siren’s Wrath ship parts will also be available along with matching weapons.

Rare has also announced that season 4 will also bring Jack o’Looter for a festive Halloween themed event series. There will be a costume, ship set, weapons, and a costume as part of this fall addition.

There will be much more to come in the season 4 update on September 23rd. You can start your journey or find out more on the Sea of Thieves site.


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