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Sea of Thieves Pushes Season Seven, Ship Captaincy Update, Back to August 4th

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Season Seven of Sea of Thieves will arrive just a little later than planned, as the update, along with its central feature of Captaincy, will now happen on August 4th. The reason for the delay from the original July 21st date is mostly that there are a lot of parts to such a major update, and the team is taking some more time to finalize things before it’s out.

An update announcing the change from Executive Producer Joe Neate mentioned that with the number of new stats to track, items, and changes, things weren’t coming along with enough room to ensure enough polish by the original date. He says:

“As we started getting closer to the originally stated release date, it became apparent that things were coming in hotter than we liked and there was a real risk of not delivering to the quality and polish we expect, as well as putting undue pressure across the team to get it all over the line”.

With the update will open the long-awaited ability to buy, own, and customize your own ship, down to the name and decor. It makes sense that with something introduced with a splashy intro and some of the options waiting at the Microsoft & Bethesda Showcase last month, the team would rather polish as much as they can before releasing it than have to scramble to make changes afterwards.

Of course, no patch is ever perfect, but taking the time here makes sense since this will change the game (and maybe lead to arguments over who has a better ship name). 

With the next Adventure scheduled for August 18th, there’s definitely a lot happening in August for Sea of Thieves. “A Hunter’s Cry”  will pick up where the latest Adventure left off and continue the mystery and lore.

For more, head over to Sea of Thieves.


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