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Sea of Thieves Plans to Compensate Players After Rewards Over the New Year Deemed 'Unrecoverable'

Maybe a Megalodon Ate the Rewards?

Steven Weber Posted:
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Sea of Thieves received a number of complaints that players were missing in-game rewards. The issue began around New Years, during the Gold & Glory Weekend.  After investigating the issue, Rare has determined that the rewards are unrecoverable, and will instead compensate all players that played Sea of Thieves during that time.

The team at Rare has also indicated that an ongoing issue within the game is causing some delay of in-game rewards to appear. This issue has yet to be resolved, and has been reported as ongoing for at least a week. The delay does not appear to be associated with the loss of data that transpired over the course of December 28th through January 8th, the stint of time that players are getting compensated for, despite the Gold & Glory weekend only transpiring from December 30th to the 2nd of January.

 Rare has stated that they will provide a more in-depth look at what happened, but in the meantime, rewards will be given to players equaling 100K Gold and 250 Doubloons. The rewards could take up to 72 hours to show up in-game, so the team requests you wait the full 72 hours before filing a ticket.


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