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Sea of Thieves Patch Fixes Host of Issues

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch for Sea of Thieves fixes a bunch of issues in gameplay, localization, and more.

The gameplay fixes include the fact that you’ll now properly see water rising in your ship below deck if your ship gets damaged. Additionally, you won’t see the extended “wake up” scene when you arrive at the tavern after reading those mysterious notes.

You’ll also be given Emissary Grade progression when you pick up items for the first time when you become an Emissary. Speaking of Emissaries, your Emissary Flags won’t float away when you get hit by moving ships. Additionally, the dark adventures blunderbuss has seen its iron sight improved. Finally, the crew status nameplates will properly tell you if a player is taking damage.

The patch also contained fixes for localization, performance, accessibility, visuals, audio, and Lost Shipments. Some of these Lost Shipment fixes include:

  • Starting another Merchant Alliance Lost Shipments Voyage on the same route should no longer prevent players locating the shipwreck.
  • There should always be a Captain and a Manifest in the Lost Shipments shipwrecks.
  • Sea clues should no longer disappear after migrating server while on a Lost Shipments Voyage.
  • The Merchant Alliance shop should now always have a Lost Shipment Voyage in stock at applicable levels.
  • Discovering a Lost Shipments shipwreck will now create an icon on the route map you receive, similar to discovering clues.

You can check out the full patch notes here.


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