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Sea of Thieves Offers a Recap of Its Who Killed DeMarco Mystery and Teases With New Clue

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Sea of Thieves  is teasing its next Adventure, The Forsaken Hunter. Before revealing more on this next chapter, which will arrive on Monday with a new trailer and a first-look, the team at Rare is recapping the ongoing mystery of who killed DeMarco.

In a new devblog, the official mystery is both given a recap up through the current status and some new information that will tide us over until the reveal of the next Adventure. The first official mystery deals with a discovery of a skeleton that suddenly appeared at Sea Dog’s Rest.  Of course, when you discover a skeleton, there's a question of who that skeleton actually belong to and what happened to that person? Pirates began investigating and learned that a hidden message that said “Who Killed DeMarco?” appeared.

That was where the mystery began, but it continued, with more mysterious objects and other clues appearing to send the investigations all over. There seemed to be suspicion on DeMarco’s brother, but a new letter appeared, featuring an argument with the two siblings and addressing a potential third party as “T”. 

And a new mystery has been born. Or, added onto the rest. There’s a new video recap to go along with the devblog, which may make the whole thing make more sense. The Sea of Thieves team is setting up new clues to be revealed, and is asking the community to watch the official social media accounts  and maybe even engage in some theorycrafting before the next reveals are made. 

With the info and video for the next Adventure soon on the way, and more clues to be found soon, Sea of Thieves is headed for a huge July season update, with Captaincy and extensive ship customization. The continued dedication to expanded narrative content with Adventures continues, and it looks like a packed season is ahead.

For more, head over to read the full devblog.


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