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Sea of Thieves' Next Adventure, The Herald of the Flame, Brings Back a Familiar Face

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Sea of Thieves is getting ready to roll out its latest limited-time Adventure this week. There’s a new trailer and details for The Herald of the Flame, which will run from October 13th-27th.

Immediately, the trailer will bring fans back with both a typical Sea of Thieves use of song and just who is singing: Stitcher Jim. This pirate and his songs are notable, and his return in the latest Adventure is one way of continuing to connect the narrative threads in the game, as these regularly updated narrative content drops have intended to do. 

Last seen a couple of years ago on his way to possibly becoming an ashen lord, things have changed for Jim. He was betrayed by Captain Flameheart and, well, this trailer reveals some of his secrets. It also reveals, to us and a small, curious crab, that he’s got an important new project with those flames within him. As his song continues, and the hints of what’s coming continue, we see him preparing Captain Flameheart’s bones, including his skull, for what looks to be a resurrection.

Captain Flameheart is too important an antagonist to be kept down in Sea of Thieves, and working up to this through the year’s story content gives them the opportunity to bring him back and give some updates on poor cursed Jim. 

The narrative content this year has been filled with new discoveries and features, but also sometimes tragic moments for some of the game’s known characters. While there’s no definitive answer yet as to what Jim is doing or whether this potential resurrection will succeed, so far it seems community response has been very positive. 

With the Adventure running for just two weeks, whatever happens, players will only have a short time to make it through and likely have some decisions to make.

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