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Sea of Thieves Improves Performance, Fixes some Bugs, and Prepares for a New Community Day

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Today’s Sea of Thieves update brought the latest limited Adventure, The Shrouded Deep, to a close. The update also includes a few gameplay and balance changes, stability fixes, and more ahead of this Saturday’s next Community Day.

The Community Day happening on Saturday will include giveaways, shop discounts, and a series of special bonuses for all players and for Legends members. All players logging in that day will get a special flag and a new emote, Wing Flap. There will be double gold and XP to earn throughout the day and several events like a community hashtag campaign on Twitter that will lead to a Renown multiplier once reached, as well as Twitch Drops. 

While that’s set for Saturday, today’s update has a few gameplay and balance changes. Several recent events and spawns are now done, including volcanic activity under Morror’s Peak and  the Megalodons that arrived with The Shrouded Deep. Don’t worry though, since it seems the wreck of the Killer Whale has been reclaimed by skeletal hordes you can find by seeking the designated ship cloud in the sky. Rebalanced are the deep sea sirens, who will have a slightly longer pause between using their abilities to help players out. On the other side, increased danger comes with groups, with more Phantoms added to the Haunted Islands when you bring larger crews.

While the update fixes a number of issues related to visual errors, players getting stuck under certain circumstances, there’s also some progress with the ongoing work to improve performance. Server performance and stability got a few different boosts, including optimized floating items on the water, various network improvements, and optimization of player inventories. Work on stability should mean that players who had been affected by a number of crashing issues, crews suddenly removed from a session, and sudden game closure should see those issues cleared up.

For more on the update and Community Day, see the notes at Sea of Thieves.


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