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Sea of Thieves' Client is Trimming Down But You'll Have to Reinstall Soon

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The Sea of Thieves team has announced that it's going to be optimizing the game's client and overall size in order to smooth and facilitate the patching process. In effect, patches will be able to be deployed live thanks to the new file system. As a result, however, the February 6th update will require players to completely reinstall the game. 

It's worth keeping in mind that the update mean a reduced file size irrespective of platform as well as a more "streamlined patching and update process and reduced development strain".

Overall, the game install size will go down. For the different platforms, this will mean the following improvements:

  • Xbox One – from an install size of 35GB to 10GB
  • Xbox One X – from an install size of 47GB to 25GB
  • Windows 10 PC – from an install size of 47GB to 27GB

Executive Producer Joe Neate took to the airwaves for the latest edition of the Developer Update to explain some of the thoughts behind the change and the benefits to both developers and players. Check it out!

Check out the video below or you can head to the Sea of Thieves site to read about the changes.


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