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Sea of Thieves Celebrates 20 Million Players Since Launch Three Years Ago, Holding Anniversary Events

Happy Birthday, Sea of Thieves

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Rare's pirate adventure game, Sea of Thieves, has hit a rather impressive milestone. The studio announced today via Twitter that in three years since it launched on Xbox One and PC, Sea of Thieves has seen 20 million pirates set sail.

Sea of Thieves didn't have the best of launches back in 2018 when it hit. While the act of sailing with friends was definitely very fun and it's got some of the best ship-piloting mechanics of any pirate game out there, there were issues with the general lack of content as well as players greifing others...though that might be a bit more expected given this is a pirate game afterall.

Since Sea of Thieves launched, however, Rare's unique pirate adventure game has seen a multitude of content updates, including content, The Arena, pets and more. As a result, the game has seen something of a revival with streamers and players alike looking to spend their days on the high seas.

According to Rare this morning, the number of players across Xbox and PC is a pretty hefty one. Since the launch three years ago, Sea of Thieves has hit 20 million pirates sailing the seas over that time, an impressive number for any game. To celebrate the milestone, the team released a new trailer thanking fans and is going to be giving away free commemorative cosmetics to pirates who jump into SoT starting today and running through March 25th at 10:00am UTC. Players who log in during that time will get the Prosperous Captain's Sails, and Xbox Game Pass members will see even more with the Jump for Joy emote being added to their account.

Sea of Thieves will also be running events in the anniversary period as well, with the Gold and Glory Weekend happening this weekend, starting on March 19th and running through March 22nd. The event can net you double gold and Trading company rep, as well as more seasonal renown.

Sea of Thieves will also be on sale for 50% off if you've yet to take the plunge, or if you're an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber you'll see that the Ocean Crawler Bundle is free till June 18th. 

You can check out the three year anniversary trailer in the embed below.


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