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Sea of Thieves 'A Hunter's Cry' Adventure Launches August 18th, With a New Trailer and Milestones Update

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Sea of Thieves’  next Adventure is coming this week, and Rare has a new trailer and preview of ‘A Hunter’s Cry’ before its release on August 18th. There’s also some feedback on Milestones and changes to requirements.

For those who haven’t been in the loop, Merrick has been lost, and then killed by a masked assassin, who is now threatening him yet again with further pain even in this state unless he reveals his secrets. The Dark Brethren is seemingly winning, but Wanda, the masked assassin, is also counting on people coming to try to rescue Merrick after all, and clearly has some dark plan to unleash unless stopped.

This new adventure will begin this Thursday and run through September 1st, giving all pirates a chance to catch up and make some decisions in the latest edition of the Sea of Thieves narrative journey. There are only hints in the new cinematic, but for those who have been following along and playing through previous chapters, things look to be coming to a head.

There’s also an update with regards to Captaincy and Milestones,  and the team is responding to questions from the community and the given an explanation behind the  system and also some changes that will be coming. initially, in the big update recently, not all of the Milestones were working, and this was listed in known issues, so some changes are not surprising.

The thinking behind the new Milestones system is that is is intended to be a progression system that lets you choose your path and have more control over your own journey. They are specific to the new captaincy update because they are designed to be a forward-looking system that is specific to what you do while you are aboard a captained ship. Thus, no Milestones will be retroactive since that would’ve undermined the intention. However, they acknowledge feedback and data showing that some requirements were a bit too high and the team is making a number of adjustments to the system.

You can read the full list of changes and response to feedback over at Sea of Thieves.


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