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Sea of Thieves A Dark Deception, the 12th Adventure, is Live With New Story, Mystery, and Clues

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Sea of Thieves has launched its latest adventure, A Dark Deception. There's another mystery to solve, clues to find, and an artifact to recover in time, and some choices to be made. 

As these things roll out, there are a number of mysteries. There is a disturbance out there and something sinister is going on and Larinna is sending pirates out to an island to meet someone who wants to speak to them. You'll want to know what's at stake so the meeting is important, and when you get there you'll have to pledge to recover a mysterious but powerful artifact that is in danger of ending up in evil hands. There will be decisions to make, clues to find, and the title clues us all into expecting the potential for treachery. 

A Dark Deception is also starting with mysteries, and this one is no different. The fragile peace is one that is not likely to last for too long, and the emergence of an unknown but dangerous treasure in this story arc fills it with the necessary foreboding.

Treachery is part of the game, so this plot will be unraveling until July 6th, with clues and community participation, we’ll have to see just what lasting impact A Dark Deception leaves behind it in Sea of Thieves.

The launch trailer gives some hints at the depths of what is going on here. These time-limited adventures are part of Rare’s decision to bolster the narrative of Sea of Thieves, and the team has done so in ways that have also shaped the map. The community’s involvement in adventures has seen things like Golden Sands being saved and then changed, the return of Captain Flameheart, and the Dark Brethren’s disappearance.

Read more about the new Adventure and other changes this week in the patch notes at Sea of Thieves.


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