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Scott Hartsman on Smedley's Stepping Away from DGC

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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We have been hearing from several industry leaders about yesterday's news of now-former Daybreak Game Company CEO and President John Smedley stepping away from the company for a time. Of particular note, Scott Hartsman spoke very candidly about the news and what it means to the industry.

He's a guy who loves games to his core, always led with his heart, and there are easily 1,000 people's careers, mine included, that he's touched or helped grow in meaningful ways.

All the way back to the beginning, he was the one who believed in the game that would become EverQuest, from inside a PS2 Sports Game studio.  That's the kind of guy he is - The one who believes so deeply and thoroughly in games that he leveled up an entire mode of gaming and fostered the creation of the first real runaway success in a genre.

The world, and the games industry, would be a lot better place with more people who believed things like that and dared to act on them.

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Suzie Ford

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