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Score Extra GTA$ Bonus During Grand Theft Auto Online's Import/Export Sell Missions

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This week in Grand Theft Auto Online, players can take home 25% GTA$ Bonus during Import / Export missions. In addition, Bodyguards and Associates will take home double salaries for their efforts. Players will also be pleased to hear that Merryweather Security Phonecall Services are free for the next several days.

Those who take part in Entourage and Trading Places (Remix) modes will also earn Double Rewards.

Trading Places (Remix) features guest appearances from the Juggernaut and The Beast. The Beasts are unarmed, but possess superhuman strength, agility and the ability to turn invisible to the naked eye. Taking out a Juggernaut as the Beast lets you steal the Juggernaut’s heavy armor, thermal vision and serious munitions. Choose between Pass the Parcel and Podium Finish.

In Entourage, Bodyguards must protect and evacuate the Target before a team of armed Assassins can eliminate them. The Assassins must risk life and limb to take out the Target. The Target and the Bodyguards are better armed and armored, but they’ve got less lives to lose.

Lastly, Players taking part in Premium Races can pony up GTA$20K and "compete for first place against seven other racers". Winners will score GTA$100K. Second place finishers will win GTA$30K while third place finishers will take home GTA$20K.

Read the full details on the Grand Theft Auto Online site.


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