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Sci-Fi MMO Second Galaxy's Now Available On Mobile Devices

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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After an incredibly successful beta period, Second Galaxy has officially launched on iOS and Android devices. Garnering one million pre-registrations, the mobile version gives players access to a dynamic universe brimming with warfare and countless systems to explore.

Via a press release on the launch:

Set three thousand years in the future, mankind’s interstellar colonization has expanded to the origin region, known as the “Second Galaxy”. A total of five emerging alliances deriving from different cultures and civilizations found on Earth populate the game world, each of which has its own political system, religious culture, military forces, and aesthetic style:

  • Neo-European Federation: Classic and simple design with a heavy emphasis on missiles for weapons
  • Economic Community of Dawn: Flexible ship design with blasters as their main weapons
  • Oracle Empire: Grandiose and curvilinear design that makes full use of laser cannons
  • Republic of Svarus: Simple and rough design with magnetic railguns
  • United Solar Systems of Hygara: Classic streamline design featuring balanced use of all weapon types

Second Galaxy's vast open-world is ready for mobile fans to explore, bringing with it a host of galaxies filled with space stations, wormholes, black holes and all types of celestial bodies to explore. Players can also participate in Second Galaxy's large-scale battles, as well as take part in a dynamic player-run economy.


Be sure to check out the launch trailer below, and head to the Second Galaxy website for more details. 



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