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Scaleblight Mythal, the Epic Adventure and Conclusion to Neverwinter's Dragonbone Vale, is Live on PC

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 The conclusion to Neverwinter's Dragonbone Vale is now available on PC with the introduction of Scaleblight Mythal, in the brand new Epic Adventure that wraps up the module.

The first part and the core of of Dragonbone Vale is now available on all platforms, but this latest edition, the conclusion, is on PC today and will hit consoles later. The Epic Adventure content introduces the Scaleblight Summit  region and sets you off in the position to conclude the story content for the campaign and see just what awaits in the dark plot going on.

You’ll find the final Heroic Encounter, named “Scales to Bones” here too, and it won’t be an easy one. Late last year, Neverwinter’s Cult of the Dragon content also included a tease of something dragon related to come, and now with this release, we can see it all. You’ll take on an ancient Red Dragon for some valuable rewards. 

Beyond this is the way forward to break the dark plot with the members of The Shield of the North alliance. The alliance, whose factions you've been able to gain faction reputation with as you went from the beginning of the module, have gathered to stop Valindra and the Cult of the Dragon from carrying out their sinister plans. If they are allowed to complete the ritual and bring about the Rite of the Dracolich, it’s only going to mean undead dragons. No big deal, right? Well, this is where you come in. 

If you do claim victory and defeat the Cult and Valindra, then you’ll be able to reclaim the Dragonbone Vale. It promises to challenge players and leave deserving ones with some sweet rewards. Scaleblight Mythal is now live for PC players and console players will be able to get their hands on it on March 1st. For more on the conclusion, head over to Neverwinter.


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