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Save Some Souls and Slay Undead With Broken Ranks' New Event, Forefathers' Eve

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Whitemoon Games is launching a themed event this week in Broken Ranks. Forefathers’ Eve will give players the chance to help some tormented souls wandering around by defeating hordes of the undead and securing some needed items.

Forefathers’ Eve will begin at October 28th at 6pm CEST/ 12PM EDT and will last for 30 hours. An NPC called the Lyrist will appear on the map before then, from the morning on, and he will be the event’s herald and let you know the lore and purpose to expect. 

If you’re anticipating this new kind of event, Whitemoon’s announcement sets things up like so: 

“The time has come for the living to aid those who could not cross the threshold of the afterlife… Their penance and eternal wandering are finally coming to an end. Go on, good people, go on – it is time for witchcraft, do not tarry. Prepare for the rites of Forefathers’ Eve.”

There will be lots of undead spawning when the event begins, but also some souls that you can help find redemption and be free to head into the afterlife. Speak to these poor souls and find out what is required for them to be redeemed, then get out there to defeat the enemies to get the necessary items. By helping them you get event points, and eventually gold and XP. There are also two possible achievements to unlock.

You'll be able to go out onto the maps that match your level range. Sometimes there will also be champions spawning on those maps that can net you some extra goodies if you defeat them. 

Forefathers’ Eve is designed to be a permanent recurring event in Broken Ranks. This will be the third one so far, after Bunny Marathon and Valentine’s Day Party.

For more on Forefathers’ Eve, read the announcement at Broken Ranks.


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