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Savage Lands Announced: Open World Fantasy Survival Game

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Signal Studios and DigitalDNA Games have announced that the early access for its new title, Savage Lands, will kick off in February. Savage Lands is described as a first person open world survival game in a fantasy setting. Players face off against monsters and other creatures to scavenge for the resources needed to survive.

Savage Lands features:

  • Huge Open World: Fight to survive in a huge realistic open world; complete with changing time of day and weather conditions, containing a variety of creatures, players and surprises scattered throughout the land.
  • Robust Item Crafting: Craft the unique armor, weapons, food, and more, from the materials scavenged from the land.
  • Build Your World: Build unique fortifications sheltering you and your allies from the hostile creatures and players that roam the island.
  • Multiplayer: Fight alone, team up or raid other player’s camps to gain resources.

Players are encouraged to head to the Savage Land site to sign up for alpha testing that will take place in the weeks before the early access program begins in February.


Suzie Ford

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