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Saruman Extends His Hand To LOTRO's Legendary Servers As Rise Of Isengard Hits Today

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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If you've been playing on the Legendary Servers in The Lord of the Rings Online, you might have been itching to find your way to the traitor Saruman's keep at Isengard. Well, the wait is over as Orthanc comes to LOTRO once again.

Rise of Isengard was LOTRO's was originally released 2011, and it was one of the expansions that really started to open up much of the Fellowship's journey to the players. Following in their footsteps, you'll fight your way to the gates of Orthanc itself, taking any Hobbits you can with you, contending with Saruman's war machine along the way as he wrestles for control of Rohan and the West. 

Rise of Isengard brings with it the Gap of Rohan, Dunland and the ring of Isengard itself, Orthanc towering overhead menacingly, as well as a new book questline, crafting and more. You can check it out on the Legendary Servers today, but keep in mind you'll need to be a subscriber or have a lifetime account to access these progression servers.


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