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Sandbox Survival MMO, SamuTale, Receives Patch Revamping Game World

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The survival sandbox MMO, SamuTale, has received a map reset and a major update.

The new update called Patch 0.2 features a completely revamped game world with six different biomes to explore. The patch also introduces improved graphics, new craftable items, along with new objects and buildings. New professions also make the cut. And for the first time, raiding mechanics are introduced along with explosive barrels.

Regarding the new map system, the official post outlines,

“The new map generation system also makes it a lot easier to expand the game world in the future. It gives me more control over where to generate more land instead of letting it generate completely random. This way I have more control over the general shape of the landscape and it is easier to generate for example islands at specific locations.”

Crafting was able to be rebalanced due to the new map as well, which allowed for biome-specific resources,

“New resources can be found all across the continent and I also added a lot of new craftable stuff. Aside from iron ore, there are now also other minable minerals like clay, coal, and sulfur.”


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