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Sandbox MMO Wild Terra 2: New Lands Launches Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Wild Terra 2: New Lands has launched today, following up on 2017's Wild Terra Online. The new MMO by Juvty Worlds has hit Steam on sale as the MMO slides out of early access.a

First announced back in 2019, Wild Terra 2: New Lands is the sequel to the 2017 sandbox MMO Wild Terra Online. The MMO has been in early access since January of 2021, and thankfully for those players who have been steadily playing since that launch, today's release won't wipe your progress.

Instead, as the team announced previously, Wild Terra 2: New Lands has reverted those servers into Legacy servers, letting players still log in and play on them, while launching new, fresh servers to start on. However, these Legacy characters are not transferrable to new servers, though players can join the Legacy realms if they like.

Wild Terra 2: New Lands also runs on a PvP-focused game design where you increase your power by actively doing the skills instead of simply gaining experience overall, with combat and non-combat skills having both active and passive abilities. However, it's not completely dependent on the character's skill in game, but also your skill as a player, as New Lands uses what it calls a "non-target combat system."

As an open-world PvP MMO, Wild Terra 2: New Lands joins the ranks of a full-loot PvP system, meaning every time you leave a safe zone, you're at risk of losing your gear. While PvP is obviously a focus, PvE encounters include overworld bosses, dungeons with scaling difficulty, and more.

You can check out Wild Terra 2: New Lands on Steam. Currently, it's on sale to celebrate the release. The MMO recently unveiled a roadmap, detailing what is to come in 2022 and beyond after launch, including updates to guilds, events, and more.


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