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Sandbox MMO 'Fractured' Reduces Alpha Prices

Plus Reddit AMA next week

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Sandbox MMO Fractured has announced a reduction in prices for their Alpha.

In a new blog post, the team share that they’re in a “pivotal moment” in their development and are ready to accept more players into their alpha. In fact, in their own estimation, their current continent Myr can house at least 5000 players, and up to 10,000 if needed.

To that end, the team has announced a reduction in Alpha price from €90 to €50. This means that the Master pack now grants Alpha access. Note that the Founders pack price has not changed, and neither has the rewards.

As of this time, we’re not sure what the corresponding US dollars prices will be, or if we’ll see a reduction in price for US dollars. However, we’ve reached out for comment.

Some additional news includes Alpha 2 – Test 4 renamed to Fall 2020 Alpha. You can check out the roadmap for this test here. Finally, an AMA is planned for Wednesday, September 23, at 7pm CEST over at r/MMORPG.


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