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Sandbox MMO, Fractured, Next Test Phase Begins March 25

A whole bunch of new features

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The next testing phase for sandbox MMO, Fractured, is set for March 25.

The test will last for a minimum of two weeks. Note you must have a Legend Founder Pack or higher. The download for the client will be made available shortly before the test begins.

Here’s what’s been added in this test:

  • Enchanting
  • Shields
  • New terrain and water shaders
  • Various graphical improvements

Additionally, new social features, a new player experience, abilities and creatures, stealth, and more have been added.

For example, here’s what included as part of the new player experience in the starting area:

  •     A local bank to store your items;
  •     Fields, crafting station and a tavern to rest at;
  •     A series of tutorial quests that showcase the Knowledge System and other game mechanics;
  •     New “starter” foes to defeat (Young Wolf, Black Bear, Black Widow Hatchling).


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