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Sandbox MMO, Fractured, Lays Out Roadmap

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Spatial OS-based MMO, Fractured, has received a new development roadmap.

The roadmap reveals the new features that will be included in Alpha 2 - Test 2, a new testing phase planned to start in the end of February. A host of requested features are set to go into that test. The blog post previews

  • Parties
  • Guilds
  • Claim management
  • Enchanting
  • Creatures and abilities
  • Shields
  • Terrain and water shaders
  • Server issues fix

Specifically on that last one, it appears the last test was far more popular than anticipated, with the team the upcoming open test working smoother. Here’s what the team has done:

  • The SpatialOS engineers quickly figured out the wrong setting we were using in our server configuration that was the main culprit of the game server issues we’ve suffered;
  • We’ve overhauled our web APIs to sustain high loads;
  • We’ve implemented a login server to properly queue up logging players instead of featuring the previous “the one who spams the login button the most gets in first”.


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