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Sandbox Interactive Celebrates Albion's First Year with a Retrospective & a Raffle

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Sandbox Interactive is celebrating the first anniversary of Albion Online with a look back at the weeks since launch. In addition, Sandbox is featuring a pretty sweet raffle that will see lucky winners take home prizes including Legendary Packs, Epic Packs, in-game gold, Veteran Packs, posters, books and "other goodies".

Check out the raffle entry form on Gleam.io.

Robin Henkys, in his role as Game Director, sees ample opportunity for the world of Albion to grow and develop in the coming years: "Now that the community has somewhat consolidated and we have a clear idea of which players are sticking with Albion and why, it becomes easier to develop directly for these players. You'll definitely see a push towards more and better open world play next - we‘re currently planning a massive overhaul of open-world PvE, for example. Apart from that we‘re planning to steadily improve the game on all fronts: better accessibility for new players, improvements to existing features as well as new features for existing players."

Take a look back on the Albion Online site.


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