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Sandbox Everywhere is Getting a Building Tools Beta Starting Next Week

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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A closed beta test is coming next week for Everywhere, an upcoming “multi-world gaming experience”. The PC beta test is focused on building and using the community tools to build, share, and remix other creations.

Beta testing is about building new things and playing around with the tools in order to create new stuff, share the experience, and remix other people's creations. This is where the team plans to start what they're calling the journey towards full release. Since people don't need to have any coding knowledge, the tools are the core of Everywhere.

Testing begins on June 18th, and all alpha players will get an invite. If you want in on the PC test, you can sign up for invite consideration.

“EVERYWHERE is a haven for limitless creativity. We credit everyone’s contribution, so each game will have a full list of users who made it possible through the elements they created independently or together,” they say, in emphasizing the community-built nature of what they’re creating. 

The beta test will be centered on building, so some of the other features like biomes, and some locations will not be available in the test. 

Everywhere continues to define itself and this Builders Beta seems to help in that effort. Originally announced a couple of years ago, Everywhere looked to be going on the metaverse trend, but the Build a Rocket Boy team are highlighting the potential of the tools included to create and shape the world to enjoy together. 

The trailer does show a variety of the tools and possible creations possible in Everywhere, uing their ARCADIA building tools suite, though there’s still more to discover. The developers are working with a series of partners that will provide content for people to use during the beta test and continuing onward. Finally, the developers will also include a series of tutorials and workshops to get everyone started using their tools.


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