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Saga of Zath is the New Limited Time Server Set to Release on January 24th

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You may remember that late last year, Funcom announced a new Age of Conan server type: the limited time server. In a new post on the AoC site, details about how the server works and how you can get involved have been posted. The "Saga of Zath" server is set to launch on Wednesday, January 24th if all goes according to plan and it will be live until May 15th.

Players who make a character on SoZ will progress through the "Saga Quest" storyline. Along the way, players will earn "exclusive cosmetics, titles and up to Tier 6 quality raid gear". There is even a special Saga-exclusive Hoard that contains tradeable items.

When the server closes on May 15th, player characters will be transferred to Crom complete with all inventory items.

Shortly after washing ashore on Tortage Island, you are assigned a “Saga Quest” which tasks you with reaching various progression milestones:

  • Reach Level 20
  • Reach Level 50
  • Reach Level 80
  • Fulfill your Destiny
  • Complete a Raid via the Raid Finder*
  • Classic Raid Progression

Completing each stage of the quest awards a special vanity item or account-wide title exclusive to Saga of Zath, along with powerful loot including a Tier 4 Cloak and a Tier 6 Weapon and Necklace for your class!    * The Raid Finder will not be available at the start of Saga of Zath.  Don’t worry--we’ll turn it on shortly after the launch.

Read the full FAQ on the Age of Conan site.

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