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Saga of Lucimia Set for 'Alpha Cycle' with the Arrival of Update 12 This Spring

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When the Saga of Lucimia team updates the current client to Release 12, it will officially enter Stage 2 and the "Alpha Cycle" of development. Those who have pre-ordered the game will be eligible for alpha testing, but the time to pre-purchase a package coming to a close. Pre-orders in all tiers will officially end on March 31st. Those who are eligible for alpha will be required to sign an NDA in order to participate. The virtual document is available in player account management.

Alpha Cycle information is as follows:

We are beginning to test live game content in the form of quests, harvesting, and crafting. Recipes and quest content are things we want to avoid showing up on Wikis for as long as realistically possible. An NDA is one way to help us achieve those goals.

We are beginning to test features and mechanics that are unique compared to what other games have, or are developing. There are things that we want to surprise MMORPG audiences with, and that requires us to keep some information secret. Transparency, while great to a certain extent, is a double-edged sword, and for us we’ve reached the point where we have to dial back on how much we are publicly sharing. For now. 

Closed Alpha testing will last anywhere from 18-24 months.

Check out the full post on the Saga of Lucimia site.


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