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Saga of Lucimia on Subscriptions - 'The More Options You Provide a Player, the Better'

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The Saga of Lucimia site has been updated with a new Mondays in MMOs that deals with one of the genre's most enduring subjects: To Subscribe or Not to Subscribe. In it, Tim "Renfail" Anderson examines the issue starting with a look at the division of the market with regard to subscriptions vs non-subscription games. From there, the post looks at collected data from a number of sources before coming to the conclusion that players will support a game regardless IF the game is "fun & immersive".

As for Saga of Lucimia?

Now, what type of subscription model we decide to run with is not yet set in stone. No matter which company you look to, everyone is using hybrid models these days, and we’re a long way from needing to make a decision of exactly whose model we think will work the best for us, or if we want to create our own hybrid. At the end of the day the one thing we know is true is that the more options you can provide your playerbase with, the happier everyone ultimately is.

Read the full letter on the Saga of Lucimia site.


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