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Saga of Lucimia Is Being Rebranded, Now Called Embers Adrift

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The team at Stormhaven Studios have been quiet ever since it was announced that studio founder and Saga of Lucimia IP creator Tim Anderson was no longer involved in the creation of their MMO. However, the team finally revealed what they have been working on today, announcing that the Saga of Lucimia MMO is no more, instead rebranding to Ember's Adrift.

The announcement was made via the official Discord, as well as on Twitter, linking back to the announcement on the new website. Robert Thompson, the team's technical director, laid out what the change means for Ember's Adrift.

"The Stormhaven Studios team is excited to announce the rebranding of the MMORPG we have been working on for the past number of years. While still delivering on the core tenets and game design philosophies we’ve always promoted, our game will no longer be based on the Saga of Lucimia IP. We wanted to commit to an IP that provides the development team with the flexibility to create a captivating world with the game design elements that core MMORPG gamers are looking for, introduce those elements to new MMO gamers, and express them effectively through our branding.We took a look at our product and recognized a need to emphasize the features and mechanics that were working and move away from elements that were not. Our goal is not to recreate any past MMORPG, but to create a new game that is innovative in its design while drawing inspiration from experiences with classic MMOs and tabletop games; an MMORPG that is focused on community and presents them with deeply immersive and challenging content that will help them forge lasting memories."

Over on the Discord, Robert confirmed to players that their existing Saga of Lucimia pre-order will carry over to Ember's Adrift, and the team states that those who playtest Embers weekly have been incredibly supportive of the move itself. 

"Community members who are active in Discord and join us for weekly testing sessions have been very supportive of this new direction," Robert states on the Embers Adrift webstite statement. He goes on to state that the team has been introducing "new game design elements," and thanked those backers for their support.

It's been an interesting 2021 as news broke earlier this year that Stormhaven Studios' founder and Saga of Lucimia IP creator Tim Anderson had not been involved in the creation of the MMO since late-2020. The silence from the studio did raise some eyebrows, as it wasn't ever publicly addressed until we wrote about it back in March of this year. Since then both Tim and Joey Anderson have announced they are no longer involed with the studio in any capacity, instead working on their own table-top project instead. 


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