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Saga Of Lucimia Creator No Longer Involved In MMORPG's Development

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Saga of Lucimia creator Tim "Renfail" Anderson has stepped away from the creation of the MMORPG that bears the IP he created, according to a post on the developer's Patreon. 

The Patreon post, added back in January, makes clear that Anderson and his brother both stepped away from the project last year, stating that their involvement ended in September 2020, right around when the Twitter account for the MMORPG fell silent as well. 

We reached out to Anderson this past week for an unrealted story, to which he replied and pointed us towards the Patreon post, which announced he and his brother, Joey Anderson, were no longer involved Saga of Lucimia's development. 

According to Anderson, the studio he founded, Stormhaven Studios, will continue to develop the Saga of Lucimia MMORPG, retaining the rights to create a game based on the IP. Anderson states in the post that, to his knowledge as of the time of posting, the team is "still working on the version of the game" that he heavily promoted why Creative Director for SoL

"I know folks have questions, and at some point in time we'll have answers, but in the meantime the only thing I can say publicly is that the team still working on the game have all of the design documents I created in 2014 and refined for over six years as the Creative Director and founder/CEO of the company, plus they retain the rights to make an MMORPG based on my literary works (which I first created back in 1999), and as far as I know, they are still working on the version of the game that was promoted to everyone during my tenure. "

We've reached out as well to Saga of Lucimia's Stormhaven Studios for comment on this development and will update this story should they choose the make a statement.

As for now, Anderson is currently working on a new tabletop RPG, as well as point-and-click adventure game and novel series set in the world. Project Dramond is a project being worked on by Joey Anderson, Tim's brother, as well as Tim's wife, Christina Barrios. You can check out the announcement of Anderson's next project below.

Saga of Lucimia is a group-focused MMORPG, hearkening back to the early days of the genre's pen-and-paper roots. Early last year the studio hosted its stage three closed alpha test, but since then has largely fallen silent, with no update as to the status of the MMORPG or whether it's still in active development as of today. We reached out for clarification on that point as well and will update this story if Stormhaven provides us with a statement.


This story has been update to better clarify the departure from development on the MMO. Both Tim and Joey Anderson are still technically members/owners of Stormhaven Studios.


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