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Russian Distribution Deal for Dreamlords

Keith Cross Posted:
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Lockpick Entertainment has announced that they have signed an agreement that will see Dreamlords: The Reawakening fully localized and published in Russia.

Swedish online game developer Lockpick Entertainment today announced that it has signed an agreement with leading Russian publisher Akella Games regarding localization and distribution of online game Dreamlords – The Reawakening.

According to the contract Akella Games will handle all required localization and distribution of the Russian version of Lockpick’s online MMORTS game Dreamlords – The Reawakening. The agreement is effect immediately and the parties expect to begin closed beta testing early September.

"Akella is a well respected company and a very strategic partner for us, we are more than happy to team up with them. Our goal is to reach out to new audiences and the Russian market is fast growing and with Akella's expertise we're able to do just that. The increasing demand for quality online games such as Dreamlords - The Reawakening makes it a logical next-step in our expansion of the Dreamlords brand. We're excited that both already existing Russian players and new ones now will be able to play Dreamlords - The Reawakening in a localized version" said David Rosén, CEO of Lockpick Entertainment.

“We hope that collaboration between our two companies will benefit both parties and that such an interesting genre will draw gamer’s attention” said Alexander Trifonov, Managing Director of Akella Online.

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Keith Cross