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RuneScape's Fort Forthinry Arrives, Opening the Newest Storyline With New Features

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RuneScape’s Fort Forthinry has arrived to kick off the newest storyline. This time, King Roald has opened up the edge of the Wilderness for people to create forts to help fight back against the remainder of the Zamorakian forces. Expect the new Construction skilling method, your foundational buildings that you can develop, and more.

With the arrival of Fort Forthinry, there’s a low barrier to entry, which Jagex highlights as something friendly to those who recently created a Fresh Start Worlds event character. The team revealed the four main buildings–the Chapel, Town Hall, Workshop, and Command Centre–last week, and each will play an important part in growing your initial fort. Each of these buildings will give you an advantage in progressing through the storyline. 

The Workshop will let you take on construction and use your skills to make planks and have access inside to other workbenches. In the Chapel, players can work together to up their Prayer skill, burn incense, and even grant communal buffs. The Command Centre is the central location to manage other content, like your base camp, and manage your operations across your holdings and keep aware of what’s going on. Finally, the Town Hall brings something brand new to RuneScape: Rest XP. You'll be able to earn this XP when you are logged out and through Skilling.

Also coming this week to help you with any XP you might want is Double XP. The event will start from this Friday, February 17th. Over the following 10 days, you’ll get 48 hours of Double XP time to use and pause when you want to. 

RuneScape is also converting older content to be continuously accessible. This week, the Elder God Wars quest series has been converted into a linear series that you can complete at any time.  Additionally, some quest content has been converted to short quests with journals, but without the original rewards.

Read the full details at RuneScape.


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