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RuneScape Will Reveal Story Details and Release Date for Necromancy This Week

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For those who are looking forward to Necromancy in RuneScape, this week there will be a special cinematic trailer, more info, and the release date. 

The big reveal will happen on Thursday at 12 noon Eastern Time/17:00 BST. Not only will there be a new cinematic trailer, there will  be a first look at the story that will debut with Necromancy, and the release date will be revealed. The premiere will happen on the RuneScape YouTube channel.

The Necromancy release date is big, but there’s more going on this week. Loot Rooms is the next round of Treasure Hunter, beginning on the 29th. Capes are in the spotlight again with the new requirements for the Trimmed Completionist Cape revealed. Now you’ll need the Master Quest Cape, Reaper Crew, and Globetrotter, effective immediately. There are also some new Pride-themed presets available in the Max/Completionist Cape customization options. 

Also to celebrate Pride, RuneScape’s 2023 Pride March is happening this Wednesday, June 28th on world 25. The event will be streamed on the RuneScape Twitch channel if you can't make it. Tales of Pride is still going until June 30th, so if you haven't completed the mini event, you still have a chance to do so before it's over this week. 

A number of changes also happened this week, including several items off the community hitlist.  If you have a Demonic Skull, there are a few changes you need to know about. These are no longer tradeable, and if you die in PvP with one in your possession, it will drop 500,000 gold. If you withdraw a  Demonic Skull from a bank in the Wilderness, it won't automatically opt you into PVP. With these changes, you'll get a warning first, so you have a decision to make. If you have the Skull you can still be attacked within the Wilderness.

You can read the full details over at RuneScape


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