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RuneScape Update Targets Legendary Pet Overrides, Grimoire Pages, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest RuneScape update here is, brining with Legendary Pet overrides, Grimoire pages, and more.

The team calls this update a “scattershot” update given its nature to target myriad features and fixes across RuneScape. Legendary Pet overrides, a much-requested feature, has been added as part of this update. You’ll be able to change your Legendary Pet’s appearance to a companion, boss, or skilling pet as long as you’ve unlocked it.

Mobile interface changes are also part of this update, specifically to the home screen on mobile. The changes are intended to make certain things more visible to you, so hopefully the improvements are welcome.

The patch also contains some more general quality of life improvments such as:

  • Various improvements to the Enchanted Lyre:
    • The tooltip now displays charges remaining.
    • An option interface is now used to change the quick teleport destination, instead of a dialogue box.
    • Changed various option menu functions:
      • 'Check teleport location & charge' is now 'Check charge'.
      • 'Change teleport location' is now 'Configure'.
      • 'Play' will now ask you where you want to go.
      • 'Quick teleport' will now take you directly to your configured quick teleport location.
  • Various improvements to the Fremennik Sea Boots:
    • The 'Operate' option now uses an option interface instead of a dialogue box.
    • Using the Lyre's teleport from the Boots will now let you choose a destination or use the configured quick teleport destination.
    • The Lyre's quick teleport can now be configured from the Boots' options.
  • All Skill Outfits will now prompt you to destroy all pieces after one piece is destroyed.
  • The Achievement interface will now remember what you were looking at when you close and reopen it.
    • This will not occur when logging out before reopening.

You can check out the full patch notes here. Just earlier this month, RuneScape added the city of Senntisten. And all wasn’t well for the mobile launch with the game suffering from mobile download issues.


Poorna Shankar