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RuneScape Twilight of the Gods Quest is Here to Challenge and Gear You Up

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Twilight of the Gods is here to challenge RuneScape players and give an opportunity to face Zamorak later this summer. But first, this new challenge is here to bridge the gap between Elder God Wars: Extinction and the boss battle to come on July 5th.

This quest arrives for members to challenge, and is touted as being heavily lore-focused. Zamorak has some plans, but what they are is up to you to discover. Among the duties you’ll undertake in the quest include exploration, finding clues, and solving puzzles to try and come up with a cure for a mysterious demon illness. All in a day’s work, right?

If you’re successful, there are, of course, rewards. Specifically, the rewards you’ll get from this quest include Zamorak Reroll Tokens and an item with a boon you’ll more than likely need to face Zamorak. You’ll walk away with five tokens and the item that grants you a 10% damage reduction for the Elite dungeon and for the Zamorak fight. If you need to grab some this way, tokens will also become available as drops from other Elder God Wars dungeon bosses.

Those aren’t the only rewards you’ll be able to grab in this quest. There’s a cosmetic transmogrification item to let you transform into an abyssal form and experience lamps that will net you progress in Magic and Divination.

According to the RuneScape team, you’ll need all the help you can get when it comes to the Zamorak battle launching next month, so you’ll want that 10% damage reduction and other rewards to be prepared. Their intent looks like it’s to make this one of the most challenging encounters, but they’re also giving some opportunities to gear up and prepare to see if you can take on this newest challenge.

For more on Twilight of the Gods, and more of the Elder God War saga, head over to RuneScape.


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