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RuneScape Tweaks Death Costs and Old School Polls the Community on a New Skill

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Old School RuneScape is polling the community on what they’d want from a new skill this year. Meanwhile, RuneScape is still tweaking death cost changes, and holding events. Jagex is also now welcoming players into the Jagex Accounts closed beta.

When it comes to adding a new skill, Old School RuneScape already polled the community On whether they wanted a new skill in the first place. that was approved, so now the latest question is on what type of skill they might want. The root of this is what community members want to get out of a new skill, whether that's more loot, unlocking more areas, better gear opportunities, or something completely new. It's also important to determine what kind of skill it will be, affecting production, combat, gathering, or even a utility skill.

This phase is going on now, and the process will need to continue for a while before they determine what to work on. The next phase after this, once all the responses are reviewed, is to issue skill pitches and then the community can vote on which ones should go ahead and become more refined concepts.

Meanwhile, RuneScape has made a few more changes to adjust and fix some of the death cost update modifications. Some of these are also just fixes, like an issue where member only items were being claimable in free to play worlds in Death Overflow. Events continue this week as well, with Treasure Hunter and Frank’s Free Chest still on.

For both games’ communities, Jagex is moving ahead with a closed beta for the Jagex  Account system they’re rolling out. This is intended to create a more secure way of logging into the games. Jagex accounts will use the Jagex launcher and have a multi-factor authentication system. A closed beta will begin on January 26th and be invite only in the first phase. 

Read more over at RuneScape.


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