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RuneScape Turns The Wilderness into PvP-Optional, High Reward PvM Zone, Adds Daughter of Chaos Quest

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RuneScape  is relaunching The Wilderness in a whole new way. In addition to refreshing the area visually, the zone has a completely different focus now. Instead of being on all PVP Zone, it's now PVP-optional and has a threat based PvM system. 

The battle with Zamorak that arrived last month has left things changed, and even more dangerous. You can train up with Slayer tasks, being the intended best way to now train up Slayer, and as a result, earn Threat as you go along. As you complete activities, your Threat Level will keep going up and your risk of dying in the zone increases, but the higher your Threat rises, the more chances you'll get Slayer streak bonuses as you continue to take on new tasks. 

But before you get there, you’ll want to take on the new Daughter of Chaos quest, which will let you play a RuneScape first and experience Moia’s memories and in doing so, fight in the civil war as Moia.

The Wilderness is full of demons now, after Zamorak’s invasion, and enemies are tougher. They’ll also now have the ability to attack in groups. Additionally, you may sometimes find yourself ambushed by enemies that spawn directly on top of you. So you might not want to go AFK in The Wilderness. 

In another twist, you'll have to look out for the Wilderness volcano, which will regularly spew projectiles that will be drawn towards you. If you're not prepared to pray against this particular type of damage,  you'll take a pretty nasty hit to your health.

Since this is the new way to best level Slayer, there's a focus on risk and reward. With all the threat levels and more dangerous enemies, it gives you a perfect opportunity to level the skill if you are careful and prepared enough. Slayer mobs are found in Greater density in this area and he will also be able to earn Reaper points in the wilderness through Slayer tasks.

What’s more, this is the first update but the Legacy of Zamorak ongoing storyline may change things even more.

Read the update over at RuneScape.


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