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RuneScape Turns 20 And Throws a Party

Unique rewards and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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RuneScape is turning 20 this year. Yeah, that’s a long time in this industry. To celebrate, the team has announced a month long Grand Party.

The party will be held in Lumbridge Crater. There will also be a prologue to a multi part year-long 20th Anniversary Quest series later in January. The Grand Party itself will offer several buffs and rewards, in addition to a 10% XP bonus. You can also claim your 20th Anniversary outfit and cape.

Additionally, the party will feature weekly events, with each event focusing on a different feature of the game and world. Patch notes were also published including several fixes and improvements such as:

  • As the festive period has now finished, Gielinor has returned to its pre-Christmas state.


Poorna Shankar