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RuneScape The Nodon Front Hits The Elder God Wars Storyline Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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RuneScape's ongoing Elder God Wars story arc will be getting a new addition today as The Nodon Front chapter comes to the long-standing MMORPG. The new chapter will players ultimately take on Kerapac, the general of RuneScape's Nodon Dragonkin, as well as reap rewards such as the first ever Tier 95 weapon, the Staff of Armadyl.

The Nodon Front is the latest in the Elder God Wars storyline which saw players uncover the lost city of Senntisten. In the latest chapter, players will face off against a powerful army of Nodon Dragonkin led by Kerapac, but ultimately at the behest of the Elder God Jas. The army itself is laying seige around the city, which players will need to defend and push back the army, dealing with giant war machines and ultimately the general Kerapac himself.

Via the press release:

"Armed with powerful siege weapons, the Nodon Dragonkin and their arsenal are truly formidable, and they have a fierce hunger to diminish Senntisten’s cathedral defences. Highly experienced players with a 92 Slayer skill, will need to rally together to destroy siege machines and push back the army’s advances. Players with a 90+ Construction skill may also alter the tides of war by turning the Nodon’s own weapons against them. 

After fighting through the Nodon Dragonkin’s Guards, Hunters, Artificers, and Engineers, players will face the army’s general – Kerapac – in an epic showdown inside the Colosseum. Players will need to manipulate time to defeat Kerapac and his Elder God artefacts, and the bravest amongst all players can even take him on in a ‘hard mode’ variant. Luckily, players won’t be completely on their own as the original God War generals – Zilyana, Nex, Kree’arra and K’ril – are there to help, and will provide players with temporary abilities to aid in this fearsome battle. "

Also coming with today's update is RuneScape's very first Tier 95 weapon - The Staff of Armadyl - as a reward for dealing with Kerapac and his army. 

RuneScape is available with full cross play and progression between iOS, Android, Steam, and PC for free. You can check out the update in the video embedded below.


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