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RuneScape Takes a Deep Dive into the Necromancy Story and Lore

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 With the August 7th release of Necromancy approaching, the RuneScape team is continuing to preview everything you need to know. This time, there’s a deep dive into the story for the upcoming new season and major update.

When they announced the release date, the team  accompanied that with a story cinematic, and have since dripped out a little more info. Now, we get to go behind the scenes and really get introduced to Rasial, The First Necromancer, Death asking for your help, and you skilling up in a brand new way.

RuneScape is going big with the necromancy update, not only adding the first new combat  style, but a brand new skill to learn, and an entire new season with this deep storyline. Expect nine quests that will give you insight into the lore, investigate some mysteries about Necromancy, the undead, Rasial himself, and the City of Um. This process, of course, you will grow and begin to learn Necromancy for yourself, but it all comes back to the story. 

Rasial reappears in Gielinor, and he's not happy. So he decides to set it free, in his view, “by condemning everyone to oblivion”. So in order to do that, he tries to get rid of Death. This is not the beginning, since it’s revealed he has been in the background of a number of various events that have shaped the world and otherwise pulling the strings behind the scenes to get his ultimate goal into reach. but now that he's back and the gods have been banished, now things really get serious.

So now you will find yourself aligned with Death, to find a way to turn Rasial’s power against him. Death will ask you to learn from him, and you'll become his last apprentice. While you do this and learn new skills, then train them up, you'll learn more processes like how to communicate with the spirits that you're looking to free, perform rituals, create ruins, and return more souls to Um.

Necromancy, the team specifies in this deep dive, is “ about the movement and transfer of energy from one place to another”,  so what this means is there are two types of energy necromancers: Underworld energy and Necrotic energy. You'll have to master both to get through the entire storyline. 


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