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RuneScape Sending Third Wave Of Emails For Locked-Out Accounts As It Continues It's 20th Anniversary Celebrations

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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RuneScape has been working hard at restoring accounts lost in the last month or so, sending waves of emails to those accounts that have been affected. This morning the team at Jagex announced the third wave of accounts that are impacted should be recieving emails, getting them back into the MMO. This is all with the backdrop of the current 20th Anniversary content ongoing in the long-standing MMO.

Last month it was found out that a small percentage of accounts was lost and the team at Jagex has been furiously working to get those affected players back in game as fast as possible, restoring their accounts to as close as they can to the state they were in when the issues first occurred. Today, the team announced that they would be sending the third wave of emails to affected players, a larger pool that previous, with the hopes that they will continue to scale upwards as more and more players get back into the game.

For those returning from the lockout, Jagex states that players should see a care package awaiting them, with alll the compensation gifts as a thank-you from the team for bearing with them during this period.

However, as they say: "The show must go on." As such, this week players are seeing a content drop that brings more of RuneScape's 20th Anniversary event mini-quest, as well as seeing The Ninja Team returning for the update, focusing hard on Pets and Logs. 

"Last time in our 20th Anniversary miniquest series, you attended the party of a lifetime and wound up in Closure's office. Now, it's time to undo Relomia's mischief - but to save RuneScape's future, you'll need to revisit the past! Help Closure restore key memories, meet up with old friends, and earn yourself some great rewards!"

For the Ninja Strike team content, players will see the Ex-ex-parrot, Sneakerpeeper, and more turned into follower pets rather than object pets, as well as adding a "whopping 70 new playlist slots" added to the Music Playlist. 


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