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RuneScape Seeks Feedback On Sanctum of Rebirth Boss Dungeon, Announces New T95 Weapon & Magic Beta

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The RuneScape team has a new blog series, called Right Click Examine (RCE). This will be a series to lay out development possibilities and new features and to solicit input and feedback as the team continues to implement the player-developer partnership path they recently outlines.

This time, the Sanctum of Rebirth Boss Dungeon is the topic, and this will be dropping in July.  Designed as a new take on an Elite Dungeon format, this will be of a similar difficulty for 1-4 players to take on, but no rooms of mobs to slay before you get to the bosses. There will only be bosses.

Available in Normal and Hard difficulty options, it will be shorter to traverse, but the team still wants it to feel like a challenging PvM experience. Still, they also want it to not feel super daunting if you’re solo or not as seasoned.

This is where the feedback comes in, since they're looking to have insight on how death will play out in this dungeon. Namely, a proposal of alternate death mechanics, where death won't necessarily be the end or a failure point, “but more of a stumbling block”. One angle is that you’re not removed from the fight if you die, you’re just out for a bit. Good working different ways, like being unable to act or move before a timer is done and you can rejoin the fight. your kill time might be slower but it's not like you just lose completely, and this would only pertain to the normal difficulty level.

They are also looking for feedback on both magic ability changes and a brand new T95 weapon in a short beta from May 30th to June 6th. There will be three concepts to test out and help the team determine which makes it. Magic changes will also be included in this beta,  so they're looking for feedback on how they play and how they feel and what else they could add or change to make it more enjoyable 

There are details in the full blog on all three concepts and the magic up for testing, along with how to join and areas to focus on. 


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