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RuneScape Scraps Its Weapon Diversity Update

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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RuneScape's ambitious Weapon Diversity update has unfortunately been cancelled the team announced on Tuesday. 

In a blog post on the official website, the development team outlined the many reasons why they feel they need to cancel the project. However, just because the Weapon Diversity update has been cancelled doesn't mean that the idea is scrapped altogether. 

Last week, we made the decision to cancel the Weapon Diversity update. While we're still going to bring diversity to weapons in the future (see the 'What's the Plan?' section), the project that was Beta tested over the past month has been cancelled.

We haven't taken the decision lightly, particularly as Weapon Diversity had been due - for some time - to be a summer release that would give you something new to play after The Land Out of Time, and bringing diversity to weapons would be a real boon to the game.

One of the main reasons why the team is cancelling the update as-is is because at the end of the day the update felt much like DPS modifiers, meaning there wasn't much actual diversity at all between the different weapons you'd find throughout the game. All is not lost, though, as the team still intends on rolling out the weapon updates on a case by case basis over time, while devoting team resources on other updates and projects they have in the works. 

Check out the full blog post on the RuneScape website.


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