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RuneScape Roadmap Reveals Group Ironman, New Skilling Content, Skilling Boss, and Much More

The community will be giving feedback on rewards, design, and experiences

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Today, Jagex revealed what’s on the way in the second half of the year for RuneScape. Group Ironman is coming, adding a more social way to experience Ironman,  along with brand new story quests, new skilling content, a new boss dungeon, new bosses, and much more.

Group Ironman is on the way, a decade after Ironman was first introduced. Group Ironman is intended to make the experience a lot more social because you're all in it together, sharing storage and the ability to trade with one another (something lacking in Ironman). There's no release date yet, but it is on the roadmap sometime in the fall.

Coming this month is a new boss, Osseous, designed as a mid-level encounter. This is officially the fourth Rex Matriarch and takes a post-Necromancy  challenge that follows up on the dinos released back in 2021. This particular dinosaur boss is only weak to Necromancy, so prepare to team up with an archaeologist and make sure your skills are polished up. We’ll get a deeper reveal on May 22nd, before she’s out on the 28th.

Speaking of skills, expect a few new Skilling content updates. First up sometime in the summer will be Mining and Smithing, followed by Woodcutting and Fletching in the fall. Expect new resources, new equipment, and even new items to create.  Between these two will be a brand new Skilling boss. It's the second Skilling boss, and will tie directly into Sanctum of Rebirth and the main storyline, with new story quests. 

There will be two story quests, which represent the next two chapters in the main storyline and both will follow from the events of Requiem for a Dragon. The roadmap puts the new story quests happening one alongside the new Skilling boss and one in the winter.

Daemonheim is the new Archaelolgy dig site on the way, coming in June. This will feature content for levels 73 to 87 and 103 to 113, new mysteries, new artifacts, and even a new Relic power and some Dragonkin lore. Put some graphical polish for the area too. 

Sacrum of Rebirth is a brand new Boss Dungeon coming in July. Designed for one to four players, in Normal and Hard difficulty, instead of a full Elite Dungeon experience, there are just three bosses waiting inside, along with rewards in between. This dungeon also could lead you to the new T95 Magic Duel Wield weapons.

Finally, the team is starting to get input from the community on all of these roadmap updates and major decisions, and everything from the content to the new Skilling boss, including rewards. This is the direction Jagex has promised, to involve the community at every step of development and to continue to address feedback.

Now that the roadmap has been revealed, there will be a special stream this Friday breaking down that very community-oriented development process.


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