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RuneScape Reveals New Chapter: Desperate Measures

Well, Desperate Times Call For....

Steven Weber Posted:
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RuneScape developer Jagex has announced a major content update revolving around the Elder Gods storyline that launched, and has been ongoing, for nearly 6 years. Dig deep into Gielinor’s past and be rewarded with bountiful rewards in the new epic quest, Desperate Measures.

Desperate Measures is the sequel to last year’s Desperate Times, and while everything may seem unquestioningly desperate in RuneScape, Jagex has confirmed that players won’t need to feel the desperation, as rewards will include Thok’s Stick (a cosmetic weapon override), XP Lamps, and a Cosmic Focus which makes it easier for players to efficiently uncover artifacts. There’s also a brand-new collector to find who can help upgrade the Cosmic Focus even further.

The release trailer for RuneScape: Desperate Measures is available below.

While this update will be available to all RuneScape members, in order to participate you will need to have Archaeology and Agility at level 50, and have combat stats of 75. Executive produce, Ryan Ward explains the challenges and teases the upcoming dungeon that the lore of Desperate Measures points to through its storytelling.

“Today’s launch sees the next evolution of Anachronia and will challenge players to use the recently introduced and powerful Archaeology skill. Desperate Measures appeals to a wide variety of RuneScape players, whether that’s the skillers who are looking to level up, or the questers who love delving deep into the lore and seeing the story threads unravel.

This is the first major RuneScape content update that we’ve created and released while the entire team have been working-from-home during the pandemic and I am so proud of the ways they have adapted to this different way of working. We’re all excited to see RuneScape members uncover the secrets of the Dragonkin to gain the power and knowledge they’ll need for the upcoming Elder God Wars Dungeon!”

RuneScape has recently had a sale running through the end of July, so for those interested in taking part in the sale, you need to get moving! You can also check out the recent patch notes to see what RuneScape has been working on and fixing over the past couple months.


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