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RuneScape Reveals Legacy of Zamorak, the Next Six-Month Storyline Coming Soon

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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RuneScape has revealed the Legacy of Zamorak storyline that will take place over six months and follow the Elder God Wars saga. Plan for a series of new quests, more Skilling updates, bosses to take on, and more. Jagex has also announced upcoming peaks at what to expect from the next storyline when it begins in early July.

With this announcement, it confirmed some of what was already announced in April with the content roadmap overview through fall. The roadmap overview for summer introduced Zamorak as the Fifth Boss, the Elite Dungeon and boss battle, a new boss quest coming, T95 rewards, and new storyline quest. 

On June 23rd, RuneScape will have a special 4-minute video giving an overview of the Zamorak storyline, the boss and Elite Dungeon, what they're planning for the rebirth of the wilderness, and much more of what's to come over the next six months.

On June 25th the developers will have a deep dive stream to cover all the details that were not in the previous video and will go into details on goals, the boss fight, the future direction of lore in RuneScape, the wilderness, and a lot more. Since they've already revealed that this is a six-month storyline, now's your chance to get ready. 

Currently, RuneScape is running the Twilight of the Gods event, which will get you a special  item that will help you to take on Zamorak when that boss battle launches on July 4th. The reward will reduce incoming damage by 10% in the Elite Dungeon and in the Zamorak fight itself. The team has said that they’re ramping this one up, so without the special boon, you might find that even your best experience still leaves this a challenge.

For more on the upcoming storyline and scheduled reveals, head to the announcement at RuneScape.


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