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RuneScape Reveals Fort Forinthry, The Construction Skill, Rested XP, and Four Key Buildings

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Jagex previewed RuneScape’s next chapter, revealing Fort Forinthry, the buildings you’ll need to construct and progressively tend to, and more.. Be prepared to make your mark on the Wilderness, as King Roald has declared land within claimable.

Building will be an important part of this new update. Construction will let you skill up and learn to build, and you'll be able to lay out a foundation for your brand new fort, growing it over time. The fort will have four foundational buildings, and you'll be able to continue building upon them, as they have multiple tiers to progress through and unlock. The four buildings are the Workshop, the Chapel, the Command Centre, and the Town Hall. 

The workshop should be fairly obvious, as this is where you'll be able to process your resources into construction materials. The workshop will be complete with a sawmill and stonecutter and eventually, you'll be able to unlock remote access to invention machines and even additional power sources. The chapel is what they are calling the soul of the fort. You'll be able to gather and train the Prayer skill with others,  light the communal burners that will give everyone around buffs, and as you improve this building, you'll get better experience rates and better burners. 

The command centre lets you check on things all around, from Anachronia to your research teams. When you improve this building, you'll get more benefits for your campaigns. Finally, the town hall is where you can relax. This building adds Rested Experience into RuneScape.

When you're offline you'll build up this rested XP that you can trade for bonus experience in any skill you want. Every time you upgrade the town hall, the capacity for rested XP will grow (and you’ll gain access to a bank NPC).

It's just the beginning, and the team promises that future updates will offer other buildings that will improve your fort and also help build up your forces. 

Read the full preview at RuneScape.


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