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RuneScape Receiving Player Avatar Refresh

Model breakdowns, old vs new, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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There’s a new player avatar refresh on the horizon for RuneScape with the team sharing details in a new content showcase.

The stream covered off a few teaser images and mod intros, in addition to discussing why they’re doing the refresh now. They also discuss an overview of the project, the first step as the character creator, end goal and player input and production timeline, model breakdowns, ideation process, old vs. new models, new hair, an update on costumes, mesh comparisons, and an in-game demo.

In case you missed it, Old School RuneScape is scheduled to arrive on Steam on February 24. This follows RuneScape’s Steam launch in October. Regarding the Old School RuneScape launch, the team stated,

"By now you'll have heard about us talk plenty about our simple-yet-lofty goal of taking Old School Everywhere, and today we're delighted to announce the next big step - Old School RuneScape is coming to Steam on February 24th, 2021! Whether you are a past, present or future explorer of the magical world of Gielinor, we're excited to bring?one of the world’s largest MMORPGs to Steam!"


Poorna Shankar